Disk lock with ALARM 110dB
Disk lock with ALARM 110dB
Disk lock with ALARM 110dB

Disk lock with ALARM 110dB

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Material: Aluminium alloy

6pcs Button Batteries Included

Color: Black

Package Included:

1 x Alarm Lock

1 x Allen wrench

2 x Lock Keys

6 x Batteries


110dB alarm sound

6mm locking pin

Movement and shock sensor

Super waterproof

1 x Allen wrench helps you to change batteries.

Usage Instructions:

1. Press the lock core. It will be locked and you will hear the sound “beep”, which means it is coming into the alarm status. After 5 seconds, when the lock on vehicle is vibrated, the lock will give an alarm “three beeps”. When the lock is vibrated again, after 5 seconds, it will give an alarm and keep alarm with serial vibration. Each alarm will last for 10 seconds.

2. It will cost 5 seconds to open the lock for the owner. If the lock can’t be opened, it will give an alarm. Use the key to open the lock, the alarm will stop an once.

Battery Replacement:

When you hear the sound “Ge Ge Ge...” constant voice or the alarm sound less than 10 seconds and stop at once, that means the battery will be used up. You need to replace the battery. Please use the provided spanner to spin out the four screws. Take away the top cover and replace the battery. Please pay attention to the anode “+”and cathode “-”.

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