Taurus waterproof boots
Taurus waterproof boots
Taurus waterproof boots

Taurus waterproof boots

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Specifications Include:

  •     Micro Fiber Leather Construction - Being made from a high quality and durable leather means comfort, support and style
  •     Toe, Ankle and Heel Protection - Toe and Heel Protection provide safety in crucial areas, alongside ankle cups for any side on impacts
  •     Reinforced Sole - Reinforced Sole for durability, grip and protection
  •     Waterproof - The fully waterproof lining will keep you dry and comfortable on your commute
  •     Gear Protection - Protective panel specifically placed to provide comfortable gear shifting and prevent excessive boot wear
  •     Hook and Loop Closure with Adjustable tightening strap - The adjustable fastening strap located on the bring of the foot ensures a tight yet comfortable fi

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